Director : Hiran Lal

Country : India

Year : 2023

Duration : 00:13:00

"SANJEEVANI " is a documentry written and directed by Hiran Lal, D. O. P by Alen Alex. The 13 min nearly long documentry shows the beauty of nature, and organisms mostly in kerala. The team members are mainly zoology students so we mostly focused on animals. In the first part of documentary about 5 min the male narration gives the documentry an expository touch. The narration explains the nature, animals, and side effects of plastics. From the very next part it is divided into sections like "our nature", "our forest", "our climate", "our organisms", and "our waterbodies". The later mentioned sections are explained individually with visuals and images. This documentry is to show the upcoming students how our nature works how it affect human included all organisms. Hope it would, encourage next generation to think different for the sake of all organisms.

Hiran Lal