Kali - a Divine Comedy!

Director : Soumya Sadanandan

Country : India

Year : 2022

Duration : 00:17:21

This is a hypothesis. What if, gods were 4 adolescent college-goers living in an apartment in our neighbourhood. What if, even though they were gods, they thought and behaved like mere humans. Kali - A Divine Comedy, is a riddle. In this conversational hypothesis, the filmmaker has made sincere efforts to visually, narratively, and philosophically layer the film, enough to ignite an afterthought on human nature, and its impact on the eco-system! How nature unleashes her fury when humans go out of hand. When even the gods are relentless when it comes to putting him back into his place! If you crack this riddle, you will come to enjoy this satirical Divine Comedy! This is a work of fiction. A piece of art with genuine intentions. Many may be unable to crack the riddle, and that's alright. No resemblance to anyone living or dead was intended. We have nothing but respect for all faiths and beliefs. We believe that co-existence is the only way forward. Peace & Love.

Soumya Sadanandan