Pacha Paadangal

Director : Sha Thachillam

Country : India

Year : 2023

Duration : 00:09:00

“TRUE LESSONS” –It depicts the life of Sree who is so much fascinated in farming and the results she reaps out of it. She focuses mainly in using pesticides and fertilizers as it help her to make more results. Contradiction to her point of view is her husband Rajeev’s idea of farming as he purely depends on organic cultivation. What all she loses in her life because of her greed and what she understands and learns from it is “TRUE LESSONS”-PACHA PAADANGAL This film is shot totally inside a Prison compound in Kerala –Cheemeni Open Prison and Correctional Home, Kasargod. The director, Screen Writer and the Art director are inmates of the Prison and the lead characters are Officers of the Prison and few inmates has acted small characters too.

Sha Thachillam