Director : Jain christopher

Country : India

Year : 2022

Duration : 01:34:00

Manathukanni is a journey through landscapes and the mindscape of a remarkable man. It is a portrayal of the life of Thondachan, a man who lives a solitary existence on an island. Apart from society, he lives by his own rules and ethics and, undeterred by others, comes to be wholly aligned to the fundamental truths of the universe. Even though there are others in the surrounding environment, he is fed up with society, its lies and unhealthy life style. Most especially, he is deeply troubled by those around him who violate nature and is appalled by everything from the tourist house boats to the factories. He has become their sworn enemy. Part of his reaction to all of the madness is to undertake a personal mission to maintain cleaner rivers, lakes and forests. He does so by planting mangrove trees along the water. Their presence helps protect the land from floods, soil erosion and other natural disasters. A journalist comes into the life of Thondachan and takes on his cause. After the writer publishes his chronicle of Thondachan's working philosophy, it becomes a sensation and changes both of their lives. This film is not only a dramatization of one man's quest, it is a steady gaze at some of the societal and environmental problems that plague us. Manathukanni is an homage to the environmental activist Kallen Pokkudan, also known as Kandal Pokkudan, who single handedly undertook the protection and proliferation of the mangrove forests in Kerala.

Jain christopher


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