Colonies in Conflict

Director : Rajani Mani

Country : India

Year : 2022

Duration : 01:14:00

Human action is causing pollinator declines all over the world, with disastrous results to human food chain and biodiversity of our ecosystems. “Colonies in Conflict” is a feature length documentary that examines, for the first time, the state of wild bees in a fast-developing Indian landscape. It is a first-person account from the filmmaker’s own backyard yet holds up the mirror to the story of insects everywhere. In trying to save bee colonies in her community from being decimated Rajani Mani inadvertently stumbles into the world of wild bees. And thus begins her journey of exploration – learning about wild bees in India and what is killing them. The film asks the critical question, if in the future these wild bees disappear entirely what would it mean to the farmer, the forest, and to the future generations of humans?

Rajani Mani

Rajani Mani is a documentary Writer, Director, and Editor. She is the co-founder of Elephant Corridor Films, an award-winning creative agency based in Bangalore. Educated at AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, Rajani’s work reflects her deep passion for justice - both social and environmental. Her films often deal with narratives that find balance between human activities and the natural world. Her films have been screened and awarded at prestigious film festivals both in India and abroad. Rajani is also a climate warrior and is associated in her community and beyond in creating a habitable planet for the future generations.


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Colonies in Conflict
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