Director : Bibin, Shiha

Country : India

Year : 2022

Duration : 01:30:02

The story begins when a channel reporter begins his journey to interview the District Collector Mariam Anna Thomas IAS. Mariam is a village girl who moved to the city to pursue her dream of becoming an IAS officer along with her job. But she is sexually assaulted by some drug addicts. CI Shyam finds her lying in a bush. She was exhausted and devastated. The police officer takes her to the hospital. All she could remember about that most terrifying night of her life was a vague ringing of a bell. Thinking that her life is ruined, she attempts suicide. Dr.Annie, the government councilor takes her to Chachan. He is an old farmer. Chachan helps her to recover from her traumas. He strengthens her by showing her the incredible phenomenon of nature. It makes her feel that life is not meant to be spent crying but to survive. Chachan kindles a new spirit in her to achieve her lost enthusiasm. Later, she has been crowned with her much-awaited success. She is hailed as the beloved collector, Mariam Anna Thomas of the high range. Collector Mariam came to visit the place affected by the natural calamity. Mariam is not afraid of the camera. She is least bothered about the questions about her past. Mariam is a strong woman. Her answers are lucid and loud. Her attitudes and insights are a wake-up call for victims who are still bearing the traumas of bitter past experiences. Maryam asks those women to be freed from such stigmatized victimhood and find the strength of their inner selves. Her words are inspiring enough to make positive impacts on those women to lead a productive life than succumb to their victimized identity. Maryam, who was visiting the houses of those who died in the disaster, accidentally enters a house. She happened to find a photograph of a young man. A chain with a small bell in the photo of that died young man catches her eye. Mariam, who goes back to her old memories, recognizes that bell. She recollects that faded face from her dim memories. Mariam regained her presence of mind immediately and conquers her emotions with her wisdom. She realizes her duty and promises to protect those destitute family members. She has a long way to go. By holding Chachan's hand, Mariam continues her journey.

Bibin, Shiha


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