Queen Without Land

Director : Asgeir Helgestad

Country : Norway

Year : 2018

Duration :

ARTIC LIGHT is an independent film production company founded by the award-winning wildlife filmmaker and photographer Asgeir Helgestad in 2006. It is situated in the heart of Norwegian wilderness, which is the inspiration behind all our work. Artic Light produces world-class wildlife documentaries, pictures and commercials to a wide range of local and international clients such as NRK, BBC, SVT, France TV, Smithsonian Channel, NDR, DocLights, ORF, and Maramedia.

Asgeir Helgestad

Asgeir Helgestad has a passion for capturing the perfect image and his love for his subjects shines through his work. How we treat this beautiful planet is always part of his films. Growing up in the countryside of Norway, it is not surprising that its nature has become a major arena for his work, while the Arctic has grabbed his heart with its vast landscapes, beautiful light and majestic animals. “If you have been in the Arctic, you will always carry it in your heart and mind. And to experience the dramatic changes going on there due to rising temperatures just compels you to tell the world about it” says Asgeir.