The Secret Life of Frogs

Director : Ajay Bedi, Vijay Bedi

Country : India

Year : 2019

Duration : 54

Deep in the swampy rain-forests of India, a handful of scientists are at work, trying to save species smaller than a thumbnail. Sadly, more than 80% of the 400 species of amphibians found in India are already on the endangered list. Some have not been seen from 18 to 170 years. The figures are dire when one considers that about 60 percent of amphibians are endemic to the sub-continent. A wildlife filmmaker Vijay Bedi is on a quest to draw attention to these tiny creatures as old as dinosaurs yet still a mystery to science. ON this journey that will take 3 long years, Bedi captures species that have their own unique story to tell- a frog that uses dance moves to seduce its mate, another that does a headstand, or the 'potter frog' that gently encases his eggs in clay to protect from predators. This film throws up behavioral facts hitherto unknown to science, documenting for the first time the entire life cycle of the highly endangered, rare purple frog that emerges from the underground for just one day of the year to breed. There is hope, while some species are adapting to changes in their habitat, others can be protected with simple management interventions, provided we show we care for life in the undergrowth. Beautifully shot in the rain-forests of India every sequence leaves the viewer awestruck by how little we know about these delightful creatures. In the land of tigers, rhinos and elephants, amphibians of India are croaking for our attention.

Ajay Bedi, Vijay Bedi