Whistle - Sound for sclience


Country : India

Year : 2018

Duration : 00:06:27

Whistle …a school Short Film produced through the public collaboration. This film produced through the co-operation of Govt.HSS Manathala, Chavakkad and Janakeeya chalachithra vedy. The film talks though visions of a group of children who set out on a tour from their school. The travelling group sees the land closely on their ways. While marking the significant places and persons, participation of students, teachers and old students are ensured. The tour is conducted to see and recognize the sights including that of migrating birds and spreading fishing nets, besides that of the ferry and the war memorial at Chavakkad, mangroves and the fort at Chettuva, Gandhi Memorial and railway station at Guruvayur, and paddy farms at Venkitangu. It proves before those, who insist that education is merely knowledge, punctuality, discipline and obedience, that education is life itself. The video inspires us to love schools and experience little joys there, instead of techanical studies, the best friends and repetitions The film discusses the significance of education that works for equal justice for the poor, Adhivasis and the environment. This film is a reminder of that it’s time to recover the disappearing public places. The video also presents life of children from families, who live, spreading clothes on the sand and depending on ‘tap water’, on the bank of Chettuva River. They have only some clothes for sitting and sleeping between trees and grasshoppers under the bridge. The video tells about the life of the children who continue their studies in the public school even in the midst of misfortunes. The public school provides them with all possible assistance. The video also shares the pain that they will lose their last shelter with the disappearance of public schools.