RIVER ROAD (Feature Film)

Director : Li Ruijun

Country : China

Year : 2014

Duration : 103

River Road is a 2014 Chinese film written and directed by Li Ruijun and starring Tang Long and Guo Songtao. A masterfully lensed nomadic road movie set in Li's dusty native province of Gansu in Northwestern China, it follows two Yugur ethnic minority brothers venturing out on camelback in search of their herdsman father. It made its world premiere at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival in 2014.

While their parents graze their sheep far from the town, Adikeer (Tang Long) stays in a boarding school in town and his older brother Bartel (Guo Songtao) lives with their grandfather, a sheep-herder from the Buddhist Yugur ethnic minority. When their father fails to pick them up for summer break and their grandfather dies suddenly, the two brothers embark on a journey with their camels across the vast, dry expanse of Western China alone, in search of their father by following the path of a dried-up river bed

Li Ruijun
Film director, Screenwriter

A rising star of China's independent cinema, Li has made films, including The Old Donkey (2010), Fly with the Crane (2012) and River Road (2014), which were nominated or won awards at various film festivals. His films tend to focus on the relationship between human beings and the land, as well as the rural attitude towards family, life and death in a fast changing China, and are set mostly in his Gaotai hometown with close friends and relatives acting in his films


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